Fancy Puppy Born With A Mustache

Fancy Puppy Born With A Mustache

This is a puppy who was born with a mustache. It’s pretty impressive. Plus 7 different kinds of classy. I once knew a guy who was born with facial hair. And a couple of teeth. Plus a beer gut. That was a face even a mother couldn’t love! Including his own mother. He definitely wasn’t classy either. Just goes to show, dogs can get away with stuff that people can’t, like peeing on fire hydrants or begging for treats. It’s so unfair!



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Via: Buzzfeed

Ruff life!

6 thoughts on “Fancy Puppy Born With A Mustache

  1. satan

    and then they mutilated the poor thing by cutting of his ears.

    people are assholes

  2. E>S>K

    I thought the same thing at first but it is just his big, floppy ears folded back.

  3. Rachel

    I thought the same – I sincerely hope his ears have just flopped back and haven’t been cut off!

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