Best Keyboard Ever

Best Keyboard Ever

This is a keyboard from an art series by designer Hella Jongerius called My Soft Office. That means it’s not an actual item you can buy, which is a shame because it’s basically the best keyboard ever invented. Laugh if you want, but you know you’ve pushed your keyboard back to make room for your plate and awkwardly struggled to eat lunch while you worked watched cat videos. This design would let you eat and type at the same time without worrying about spilling a plate full of chicken nuggets in your lap because there’s not enough room on your messy desk. And for any skeptics out there who are wondering how you’re supposed to keep it clean, obviously you forgot that you can wash your keyboard in the dishwasher.

Check it out


INCREDIBLE right? Tell us about it! No really, in the comments....

5 thoughts on “Best Keyboard Ever

  1. Priss

    Interesting idea, but I can imagine how much junk would get in the keys.

    And no, you shouldn’t wash your keyboard in the dishwasher. Unless you REALLY want keys to stop working.

  2. LookItsMe

    Not surprised the designer has a dutch name. Keyboard translates to toetsenbord. Toets-en-bord translate back to key-and-plate.

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