This DIY Rainbow Fan Is Totally Cool

This DIY Rainbow Fan Is Totally Cool

Summer is coming. And what better way to cool off than to crank up the AC and walk around in the nude this DIY Rainbow Fan? This fan is cool because it keeps you cool and then it’s also cool like Fonzie is cool. You know, if Fonzie was into rainbows and maintaining a comfortable temperature. To make it, all you do is paint each of the three blades a primary color. Then, turn it on. Wheeee, it looks like a rainbow! Next, start talking into the breeze. OMG, you sound just like Darth Vader, let me try. La la la la Luuuuke! Luuuuke. I am your fatherrrr. NOOOOO! Man, this is great. I could do this all day. And let’s be honest — I probably will!


INCREDIBLE right? Tell us about it! No really, in the comments....
  • Nepurr

    I think this is so cute – it would be a fun activity to do with smaller kids!

  • Alex

    I tried this, but it didn’t work πŸ™

  • Jaydel

    This totally does not work.

  • Emily

    I just tried this and it definitely did not work. My husband’s totally gonna give me The Look when he sees that I’ve painted the fan. “Well, I saw this thing on the internet…”

  • kt

    doesnt work πŸ™

  • Ruben

    Doesnt work for me :C

  • Turd Ferguson

    This doesn’t work, you’re an idiot.

  • Mitch

    Unless you either have a really slow fan, or maybe the right type of camera (just guessing), this isn’t going to work. The colors will blend together though. If you’re using primary colors (red, blue, and yellow), you’ll probably just end up with a light purplish hue covering all the blades, not a full-scale color wheel.
    Direct experience and graduation from color theory classes.

  • Angela

    I tried it, It doesn’t work πŸ™

  • Joey

    It works but only if you take a picture. To the normal eye, you wont be able to see it like the picture depicts.

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