The SlideRider Turns Stairs Into A Slide

The SlideRider Turns Stairs Into A Slide

This is the SildeRider, a set of folding mats that converts a staircase into a slide. It was invented by Trisha Cleveland who’s working in conjunction with Quirky to make the inside slide a real product you can buy. Which I totally would! Who wouldn’t rather ride a slide instead of taking the stairs? I’ll tell you who: liars. The only problem is, how do you get back up? Because everyone knows you can’t go UP the slide. It’s against the rules! (Also, very hard to do.)






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Via: The Awesomer

On a scale from 1 to Desperately, how bad do you need it?

164 thoughts on “The SlideRider Turns Stairs Into A Slide

  1. Grannybananny

    I have a 6′ wide stairway!!! We could get back up easy. How much is it???

  2. Heather Lynn Carter Âû

    Maybe this is my slight stair phobia talking, but I have vision of falling down the stairs and injuring myself whilst trying to set that thing up…

  3. kiddos5

    This is amazing! We need this product! I think i may need it more then the kids do. I just love it!!!

  4. Dejah Danger Thoris

    I need this. If my house didn’t have stairs, I would build them, for this.

  5. Fitzygirl1969

    I have mobility problems and coming down stairs is a nightmare. Wonder if this would solve the problem, as long as there was a huge cushion to crash in to at the bottom.
    Stair lift up, slide down lol

  6. valleymom7

    I have a golden retriever who is such a doofus that half the time when she is coming down the stairs she slips and slides her way down. (I know. A runner is being purchased.) This is just what she needs!

  7. Donna Buckingham

    That was my exact first thoughts… and how many injuries if that plastic side is as hard as it looks? I dont like being a kill joy, but after the little one hitting his head and a visit to A&E and a glued wound, I am very cautious lol…

  8. amyjo martin

    no numbers could describe how bad i need one of these wer do ya get them and how much do they cost :)

  9. lorraine

    This wud hav to be a 10, special needs daughter who cant walk down stairs wud love it x

  10. jue

    Omg look at you lot with the ooo it doesnt look safe rubbish. Didnt any of you have a childhood and slide down ya mams stairs in a laundry basket or on a huge piece of cardboard ? lol let children be children, yes some will have accidents and some will not !

  11. Gemma shaw

    How can I get one of these plz? The kids wear my carpet sliding down on their bums as if it’s a slide already so this would be ideal!!

  12. Mike Crook

    I’m a tad annoyed there isn’t an option to share this on SlideShare.

  13. Helen Leask

    I have three flights of stairs..I would love to have this for my boys..and me if I’m honest haha xx

  14. Lindat

    Great idea. Could probably be made in a much narrower version too to allow more room for the children to get back up the stairs. I love it.

  15. Mary

    I have stairs with a bend in the middle, would they be made half the height? Who cares how you get back up, getting down would be brilliant fun! !! O

  16. Tamara James

    We don’t have a garden so this would be perfect for my kids. Let me know when it goes on sale please :)

  17. Andy Bacik

    heh, I thought it looked too safe versus the piece of cardboard I used as a kid

  18. Iollysgranma

    DESPERATELY! My 6 year old grandson has had 2 strokes so has limited mobility. He can crawl up the stairs, but has trouble getting down – this would be a safe and fun way for him to do it. Any child (and probably most adults if they were honest) would love this. I think if it was a little narrower, there would be room to still use the stairs in the normal way. LOVE IT!

  19. malc

    I want 1 I mean my boys want 1 brill idea may need 2 got 2 sets of stairs to go down

  20. Britt

    Maybe not as wide or a middle seam you can fold up when you need to use stairs

  21. Clarebow

    If you look closely there is a gap to the side just big enough to walk back up to the top! Great idea, where can we buy one?

  22. mummymcnut

    please can you tell me where to get one, i always have my nieces and nephews around with my handful and this would defiantly solve the bedding thrown down the stairs problem!!!

  23. Mary

    Heck I’m 32 and if my stairs didn’t do that crazy curve in the middle I’d get one.

  24. macruse

    The only part that might cause problem is that with steep stairs the bottom landing could give the tail bone a good jarring.

  25. Shell

    Aren’t All Slides hard? none of the ones i’ve been on have been cushioned anyway!

  26. Donna Buckingham

    Sorry I should has said sharp, I was looking at the ends of it… Plus it doesn’t look like there is much room at the side to walk up

  27. desperate mommy ! ! !

    I really need this for my son he started walking and scared his going to fall down the stairs his getting so quick!

  28. Jenni Barrett

    Omg , we NEED one of these in our house , brings back memories of dragging mattresses off the beds and flying down the stairs :)

  29. Jenni Barrett

    Omg , we NEED one of these in our house , brings back memories of dragging mattresses off the beds and flying down the stairs :)

  30. Amanda Zoss

    This is great! Not only would my daughter love it! But it would work great for sliding down the laundry baskets lol… How much does it cost?

  31. Amanda Zoss

    This is great! Not only would my daughter love it! But it would work great for sliding down the laundry baskets lol… How much does it cost?

  32. London

    Pillow case and inflatable pool ring with all the bedding piled up at the bottom of the stairs.

    Now that I’m a grown up I don’t need the bedding. I’m hard core like that.

  33. London

    Pillow case and inflatable pool ring with all the bedding piled up at the bottom of the stairs.

    Now that I’m a grown up I don’t need the bedding. I’m hard core like that.

  34. Jackie Johnson

    Jeez I reckon some of you people must have been wrapped up In cotton wool as kids.

  35. Jackie Johnson

    Jeez I reckon some of you people must have been wrapped up In cotton wool as kids.

  36. Lainey Bell

    OMG I’d so buy…could do pully handles on either side so you can get back up. Not only would I let my kids use it but I’d so use it too hehehe

  37. Lainey Bell

    We used to use cardboard as a kid, tops of trashcans…pillow cases…or just out butts lol…this looks much nicer then that stuff.

  38. Rog

    Can’t stand looking at everyone’s ugly baby icons…making me sick. Leaving now

  39. Dawn Kinney

    We would absolutely love to be product testers for this. I have a disabled 3 year old and a perfectly normal 2 year old boy. Both of my boys would love this and we would definitely test it to the extreme. Testing durability and function and all that.

  40. mam_mo

    Cardboard heck, my boys used my ironing board when I wasn’t around..It was great for them until it broke, and I found out….hummmmmmm.BUT this looks great and would be a great way of getting the laundry down to the washer..put your basket on and let go….

  41. Jinny

    Sleeping bags, pillow cases, the washing basket, me and my brothers used whatever we got our hands on this looks way more fun. As for safety, let children be children for Christ sake, they could just as easily break an arm falling off the swing in the garden!! 10 for me I would fight the kids over who goes first!

  42. Keeks

    If my hall was bigger I’d defiantly have one of these! But I think my husband……I mean my son would end up through my front door!

  43. Rebecca Barlow

    on a scale of 1 i would have to say my need of this around the mark,i really really need this,of course for the kids :/

  44. Rebecca Barlow

    me and my sis used to use a mattress as a stair slide,you were pretty knackered if you had placed it at the top as it ran out 3/4′s of the way down and the remaining stairs were unforgiving :)

  45. Lisa

    Worried about injuries? Good old bike helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. Simples. If u worry about the safety aspect then the kids probably wear all these things to go on their bikes too so it’s no extra cost either x

  46. Jill DeLine

    10!! I would buy this right now without hesitation. My baby is only 3 mos but I could have some fun at least! :)

  47. Chris S

    It would be much quicker than my mums stairlift and maybe she wouldn’t pee herself!

  48. Jade Healey

    Me and my sister used duvet covers or sleep in th bags it was the best thing ever mum moan at us cuz it did pull the carpet off the runners but I’d Defo buy one of these

  49. Carrie

    I have a spiral stairs… how much more that would be haha.. Even my 18month old daughter would find this so much fun :D

  50. lynn kilpatrick

    I want one asap ? don’t care how much ? just tell me how to order 1 pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  51. ScottGross

    That thing has Law Suit Written all over it. No proper cushion at the end of it, smack your head on the rail coming down…Wow, the Courts will have a field day with this one. Make it eiser on the rest of us, and stick with the Cardboard & Basket ideas. Then when you’re in a wheelchair the rest of your life pooping and urinating out your sides in a bag, you can only blame yourself for being a galactic idiot.

  52. Angela Cochrane Jacobs

    awesome!!! I need this, I take my kids down the stair on my knee and hurt my bum because my stairs are solid concrete and I dont want them to hurt themselves! this would be totally ideal to know my kids could slide down stairs easily and knowing they will have endless hours of fun is a big fat bonus lol. defo 10 from this mum. as I would have endless hours of fun with them n no doubt lose a bit of extra body weight going up the stairs constantly lol..

  53. jaybee

    Soooo much safer than using his snow sled…which is what he does now! From 1 to Desperately?….about a 99!!!!!

  54. mcty5

    this is much easier than going down on cardboard boxes or laundry baskets the way I let my kids ;)

  55. Tyf

    I taught my kids to slide in a sleeping bag and pillows. First set yourself just right on a pillow then set yourself int the sleeping bag and down you go.

  56. Denise

    Desperately. And I don’t even have any stairs! I can’t even imagine how much my 10 grandchildren would love it! Of course their parents would do all sorts of crazy stuff on it. And Grandma, well… :-)

  57. mheister

    I’d love to buy one. Two things. One, can I specify length? Two, I’m in China.

  58. karen

    I decided within 30 seconds im getting one. My children would almost wet themselves with excitment if they saw this!

  59. Traci

    Ingenious. How much? And is it possible to make with a curve at the bottom of the steps? X

  60. paddyk84

    The kids say no but I’m saying yes yes yes :-) screw all you HSE minded people

  61. boss1uk

    Pillow case was my choice. It would be for me anyway not letting the kids have a ago. Ok maybe the 21 And 23 year old can have ago!!

  62. Michelle Morgan

    Desperately!!!! Our kids would love this so much!!! So would the hubby and I!

  63. someday139

    Scale of 1 to Desperately, I am at DESPERATELY!!!!! Has it been made available for purchase???

  64. Maria

    We used mattresses and well there were many injuries, but tons of fun. I would much rather have my kids do this than the sleeping bags they were using a couple of day ago or a mattress like I did :)

  65. stephen

    I have double landings on my stairs (2 45 degree turns). I would love to have one of these custom made for my stairs. adding in the turn mid way down would make the slide even more fun! This needs to be sold in modular pieces that could be purchased individually so that each customer could build the slide that perfect for their own stairs – height, turns, etc.

    I LOVE this idea!

  66. Tabitha Binney

    I bet they could make a bank for the curves. Like nascar. That would be

  67. Ariffraff

    Okay as soon as this goes on sale I’m buying at least 3. Nope I don’t have kids but these would solve the birthday/Christmas gift issues.

  68. krazykidd1414

    i would absolutely loooooooooooooove one of these it’ll be sooo much easier getting down the stairs!!

  69. Ariffraff

    Well considering I used to slide down a rickety bannister that was over 20 feet up, I think this would be the safer option by far. Yes I slid down two banisters with a 1-2 story drop if I fell off the wrong side.

  70. moody

    Omg some ppl make me laugh some of you didnt live as a child we still slide down the stairs I’m 26 with kids love going down stairs in a box/washing basket I so want this I need to know where to buy one from. f m let kids be kids :-)

  71. Monkey

    We used our mattris 2 of them, and a sleeping bag, we didn’t care for the wall at the other end as it was too much fun you forgot about the pain, mum used to go crazy when she came home and we never put it back lol

  72. Corettab

    lol my kids pulled the crib mattress out of the baby crib and used that! This thing is genius!

  73. kady

    i remember using literally anything from, cardboard, laundry baskets, sleeping bags, peices of scrap carpet, boxes. so we pretty much used whatever we could find that would slide down stairs. so all in all i think that this slide would be way safer than what we used to use

  74. dublonde

    it just another money making gadget waste of money let the kids grow up and make there own slides up that what we did when we were kids an so does my kids

  75. Gretchen McDaniel Graham

    we just went down step by step on our butts, looks like a nicer way!

  76. GrannyGoGo2013

    I love the looks so this thing!!! Now if I had the house to go with it. Forget the grandkids I would like this. Get some big fluffy pillows to land in…. Your never to old!, what fun

  77. open minded

    Ignorance must be bliss. I hope u rude people get to “walk” in their shoes n have someone steal ur good feeling for the day cause ur in so much pain that there are few happy moments. N the happy moments u do have are destroyed by ignorant stupid rude people. I think it’s an awesome idea ride up slide down whats life without fun!!! Iv taken care of people with mobility issues n being able to make a hard n painful task fun is wonderful!!

  78. curtis

    me and my sister used to sit in leather suitcases and slide down the stairs. good times XD

  79. Kurt Dunlap

    i used to used a nylon sleeping bag, i got air once and put a hole 5 feet up into the wall on the landing and got stuck, ah youth …if this doesnt become a real product im still making one

  80. ElBischoff

    I hope you’re not referring to me, I was calling the Diddler a piece of crap. I totally agree with you.

  81. Rachel

    20 I need this so bad.!!! I put mattresses from the bed on my stairs, then get in a polyester sleeping bag, and slide down! I’m 40 and not to old to have fun. X:-D. ;-)

  82. Catherine Edwards

    Where do I get one? I would love this, so will kids! We use mattresses just now. How much and where do u get them from?

  83. Hils1973

    It is currently in the prototype stage at the moment. Looks like I’ll be using the tea tray for a bit longer :D.

  84. amanda

    you had cardboard?! we just slid down on our bellies and got rug burns. I hate how overprotective our culture is.

  85. Krayola Jackson

    Eeeeeeek! Love this to death! Where the heck was this little gizmo, a decade ago when, my boy was a very rambunctious toddler? This would of totally helped with, burning off some of his excessive energy. Very cool, indeed!

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