The SlideRider Turns Stairs Into A Slide

The SlideRider Turns Stairs Into A Slide

This is the SildeRider, a set of folding mats that converts a staircase into a slide. It was invented by Trisha Cleveland who’s working in conjunction with Quirky to make the inside slide a real product you can buy. Which I totally would! Who wouldn’t rather ride a slide instead of taking the stairs? I’ll tell you who: liars. The only problem is, how do you get back up? Because everyone knows you can’t go UP the slide. It’s against the rules! (Also, very hard to do.)






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Via: The Awesomer

On a scale from 1 to Desperately, how bad do you need it?
  • Angel

    How much is it?

  • Coley

    Omg I want this not only for my kids but for me too! Lol

  • wda

    yup, looks much safer than my childhood equivalent

  • amanda

    you had cardboard?! we just slid down on our bellies and got rug burns. I hate how overprotective our culture is.

  • Jessica Hughes

    10! My kiddos would go crazy nuts with this!!

  • Vilkas Valkiunas-Olsen

    Where is the buy option?

  • Krayola Jackson

    Eeeeeeek! Love this to death! Where the heck was this little gizmo, a decade ago when, my boy was a very rambunctious toddler? This would of totally helped with, burning off some of his excessive energy. Very cool, indeed!

  • Tree

    Yep, broke both my arms going down the stairs on a air mattress…..

  • Libby

    I would sponsor this on Kickstarter for me new upside down house, awesome

  • MonaLS

    Can I have one for work?

  • Cherylyn Perley Pacheco

    I would buy it, the kids will go crazy with it.

  • winnie kitaka

    I need this yesterday what a great Idea

  • lanny

    if it was made for half the stairs u could still walk back up

  • Liz Ridner

    When will it be available. I have to have one

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