Ouija Board Coffee Table & Rug

Ouija Board Coffee Table & Rug

Because why not invite spirits into your home to haunt the everliving hell out of you and your family, here’s a conceptual Ouija board coffee table and rug. It was imagined by Dave Delisle who clearly does not understand that GHOSTS and FURNITURE are things that should not be mixed. A living room is no place for the deceased! I did a Ouija board once and we went into the backyard and set it up on a trampoline to do it. You know, like normal people? Unfortunately I think when we summoned Nicole’s gramma, she ended up haunting that thing and I was never comfortable jumping on it after that.

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Via: Geekologie

If this was real, would you want it for your home?
  • Chastity Logan-Vargas

    Ooh my goodness yes please. I would so buy this. How much would something like this cost?

  • Stonemaven

    YES! In a New Your minute!

  • D

    I’d definitely consider it, provided it was done well and made of decent-to-high quality materials. Oak or mahogany for the table, to say the least.

  • riversher

    I sure woukd but second the comment about quality materials.

  • Mary Meyer

    Yes. In fact a welcome mat would be awesome as well.

  • rockiekw

    hell yea!

  • Amazing Gracie

    I want one!

  • esma

    wonder where you can buy the coffee table

  • Luis Rosa

    HELL YEAH! Does it come with the sofa set?

  • KarmikCykle

    No, I’m not a fan of rugs on my floor. Plus my cats would ruin it.

  • kitty


  • Adam

    Hell yes!

  • Cpt_Justice

    Probably way overpriced for us, but I would *instantly* put it in our family room.

  • Kat

    This is just asking for trouble…

  • Sean Michael McCord

    But the coffee table would always be moving.

  • Shinji’s Soul Reaver

    I’ve never liked Ouija boards. Bunch of cornballs trying to talk to spirits, give me a break. That being said, I LOVE this set and would definitely get it for my home once we’ve converted our old carpeting to wood floors.

  • Karen Flanigen

    Hell yes!!

  • stopthestupid

    Oh hell no! I am not summoning no freaky shit into my damn life.

  • C.J. Farrell

    A rug like that would really tie the whole room together . . .

  • http://jessicasideways.com/ Jessica Sideways

    I’m clipping this to Evernote and when I get ready to move to Fort Collins, I’ll see about commissioning someone to make the rug and table for me. :)

  • http://domesticity.org Elena
  • Tessala


  • Andrea

    No way!! It’s cool but you can open portals and let bad spirits in and I don’t play around with that. I definitely think it’s cool but a Ouija board is not a toy!

  • Jaidous Devine

    Yes would pay in the thousands to have this

  • http://www.corsetpunk.com Kristie Provins

    I want no part of that!

  • Jaime.

    Oh hell yeah! I would definitely have one.

  • Skeptic

    Isn’t Hasbro a toy company?

  • The dood

    try playing blindfolded lol

  • will

    It’s a rug you only open a portal and invite unwanted in by using it. Not merely having it. Nice conversation piece though.

  • Inu no Taisho

    Yes. I would have to throw money at this.

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