Dancers Doing Real Life Stuff

Dancers Doing Real Life Stuff

Photographer Jordan Matter brings us this photoseries called Dancers Among Us. It features ballet dancers posing in real life situations like showering, catching the subway, shopping, working, and making out hardcore. As you can see, the dancers are extremely talented. It’s kind of insane. I used to think it was kind of impressive that I could touch my toes. But not anymore! I mean, how do they do their legs like that? And their flexy, bendy backs? Are they missing some vertebrae or something? Because that’s the only explanation I can think of.















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Via: MTL Blog

Don't try the shower dance at home. It will only end in disaster (aka a trip to the ER).
  • Jessica

    Stone Street Tavern, FiDi NYC!

  • Dee

    Hope the guy in the first picture has excellent medical insurance as that couldn’t have ended well……..

  • John

    wow, they have some ups.

    i bet that guy in the shower slipped on his landing

  • IanKnight

    jumping in a porcelin tub is safer with body oil than with water?

  • John

    up skirt perv

  • hayduke

    my second fav, the surfer my first girl with the apple.. WOW!

  • Sophie

    I love the two people kissing on the beach. Very romantic.

  • ?

    Is the girl in the beer garden not wearing any underwear?! :O

    Other than that, these photos are fantastic!

  • Debby Kellar Pattin

    Don’t think the shower scene is safe. Too slippery! Yikes.

  • robb c

    it has to be photoshopped people ..if that porcelain was wet…he’s dead !

  • PatoPaez

    Agreed. Same here.

  • PatoPaez

    I was just thinking the same thing.

  • Jack Addison

    there’s probably just a rubber matt on the floor of the tub…

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