Peanuts Painted Like Celebrities

Peanuts Painted Like Celebrities

Steve Casino is a guy who can take a regular, small town peanut and make it into a STAR. No he’s not some big-time Hollywood agent, he’s an artist who paints peanuts to look like famous people. He’s done The Addams Family, James Bond, Spider-Man & Doc Oc, Wonderwoman, the cast of Star Trek, and many more. Sooo many more. Steve says one day he was eating peanuts when he saw a peanut that looked like him. That’s what inspired him to start painting peanuts as people. At first I thought, man, this dude is a total nut (!!!) job. Annnnd then I saw him in this video. He totally looks like a peanut. Me? I look like a cross between a pistachio and a cashew.








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