Artist Paints Baby's Medical Helmets

Artist Paints Baby's Medical Helmets

Artist Paula Strawn paints boring white medical helmets for babies into something cool! These helmets are meant to reshape the skulls of children who were born with Flat Head Syndrome. Medical science, man. I love it. related question: How do they fix Big Head Syndrome? I’m asking for me. Ah, yeah, you’re right — probably too late to correct that issue. Looks like I’m a big head for life. #BIGHEAD4LYFE







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Via: Blazenfluff

What are some other ways to paint a baby helmet? Do a Ninja Turtle next!
  • Jeanette Aguillon

    My daughter has to wear a helmet & I would love to get something like this done.

  • Lindsey

    Ehhh, go to Slap’s name and of the 26 comments they have ever posted, every single one is negative, harsh and rude.

  • Lindsey


  • Heather Houston

    Does anyone know where to actually get any of these? My neice needs one

  • Sidney Glennon

    My son just got one! This is amazing to such a sad situation. How do you get this done??

  • Brittany High

    What a cute little dude!
    The artist’s contact information is on her page. Just visit:
    Good luck :)

  • Sidney Glennon

    Awh shucks thank you

  • Liz Carroll

    Not all little girls like princesses you know..

  • Liz Carroll

    Mulan is not a Disney princess… She was in a Disney movie but she was actually a real person so probably a better role model than the others.. Besides, she and the others you mentioned are apparently not part of the Disney Princess Club….

  • Liz Carroll

    You can change it…

  • Liz Carroll

    Calm down… You’re going to give yourself an embolism.. It’s just a Disney movie, if you go and over analyse the inconsistencies in every Disney movie you’ll be doing it for the rest of your life..

  • debbie

    Great work! Great cause!

  • Crowther Amanda-Beth

    This is so sweet making those helpful helmrts less boring. It really is more for parents as children thay young don’t care.

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