Late for Meeting is the Weirdest Video Ever

If you want to find who has the really good drugs, just look for Los Angeles based director and animation artist David Lewandowski. I’m pretty sure he’s got them. This video called “Late for Meeting” features a crazy weird floppy man who flails down the street in a disturbing (yet kind of hilarious) manner. The video is called “Late for Meeting” because… I’m guessing whenever he’s late for a meeting he just walks in, says nothing, and plays this video. No one’s gonna ask you why you were late. No one’s gonna ask you nothing. They’re gonna be too busy trying to figure out what they just watched. That’s a power play.

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What the what?

48 thoughts on “Late for Meeting is the Weirdest Video Ever

  1. devrie

    I think the idea is he’s a dummy who lolligags down the road, flops all over the place, and floats off into space…thus, he’s always late??


    Why is it that whenever someone displays crearivity or something out of the norm that they are labeled drug users?

  3. shibumi

    as a comment on the blithe and vapid “9 to 5-er”, this man goes about life without questioning the socio-political structures that have shaped his automatonic existence. “Bah-bah white sheep, have you any wool?”

  4. Jayma Superlove

    why do “weird” things always have to be associated with “DRUGS”…. I love the video, hate the commentary. I don’t do drugs and I’m amazingly weird- and create amazingly weird things stone cold sober.

  5. Chris Tine

    I agree. It’s frustrating to constantly see weird and drugs together. I also don’t need any crutch to express my weird side.

  6. Chris Tine

    Oh the lame drug stereotype for artists. Ugh. Strong creative minds have an uninhibited limitless ability to express and DON’T need rely on any crutch drug to maybe take us there.

  7. Depthpersuasion

    Negative, good, sir. I never touch the stuff and know that an artist simply sees things no one else does. We all do.

  8. Snarky404

    Sooo, you’re telling yourself to get a reality check? What did yourself say back?

  9. Rusty_Shackleford

    Right. And people on drugs usually don’t create or do “weird” things. They often don’t do much of anything except seek out/ use more drugs.

  10. Barato Barato

    You really have not seen many videos if this is the “weirdest video ever” to you. I agree, the video is great and the commentary almost ruins it. And “disturbing” is a really disturbing way to describe it!

  11. David Reinwald

    I think it is incredibly creative and cute! No drugs or weirdness necessary. It’s art.

  12. Mary Stewart

    What this says is: if you’re working for somebody else, you’re working for somebody else”s goals.

  13. Barbara Warren

    And an inferiority complex is often the consequence of genuine inferiority.

  14. oscar

    If you have seen character bugs in some games, you don’t find this very weird atlall. basically thats how the bugged characters move like, twitchin’ around first and then randomly gets launched in the sky.

  15. Sober Methhead

    Jayma Superlove, I create weird things too and have never done any illegal drugs of any sort – however, it doesn’t take a genius to see the relation between the two.

    It only takes some acid.

  16. hnieuw

    This is always what happens to me if i’m trying to use 3d-composition applications.

  17. katmandoo009

    Geeeeze ~ tough crowd. Some people are either just no fun or are general a-holes.

  18. Robert Kessler

    I disagree Erueti. Cyriak is more of an exercise in digital tricks, whereas Lewandowski is producing a more real world schismacious experience.

  19. Helidoon

    good compositing. I suggest though for the writer and poster. DON’T use finite titles like “The Weirdest Video Ever” and as a kindness to the animator, DON’T infer him as having the best drugs and that he was potentially on them. That is a MEGA no no and potentially Slanderous. Me, I would probably SUE your ass off if your commentary meant a down turn with my business relations.

  20. Andrew Stephen Pratt

    On a slight tangent: Why does “doing drugs” always have to be associated with negativity? Everything you put in your body is, in essence, a “drug.” If you drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, take any sort of prescription or over-the-counter medication, or even eat anything all, you do drugs. Your conciousness is under a state of continual influence from the things you put in to your body. Just sayin’….

  21. Dick Head

    I think its time to invoke Godwin’s Law and point out that you are all Nazis.

  22. arcane_halo

    Gotta agree with Andrew here. It’s just a joke since of course using the drugs which I assume you’re thinking about would indeed create some pretty weird-ass hallucinations, saying someone must’ve been on drugs when they made it is simply an adjective to how weird it is.

    It’s like saying “ocean blue”. You are “drugs weird”.

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