Hang Out In A Hanging Cocoon Tent

Hang Out In A Hanging Cocoon Tent

We’ve seen hanging tents around here before, but those were like TENT shaped. These Hanging Cocoon Tree Tents are totally different in that they’re SPHERICAL. You know, like a ball. A big ball you sleep in. A big ball made of aluminum, ropes, nets, and is suspended between trees. So… not at like any ball you’ve ever heard of before. The Cocoon Tree sleeps 2 and you can add stuff in there like a table or bed, but NOT a microwave or Direct TV which is exactly why I’m gonna have to pass on it. Now, if they’ll meet me halfway with like, a toaster oven and an CD player from the 90s in which case, okay I’m back on board. Gimme gimme gimme!

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Via: laughingsquid.com

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