Police Chase Using Remote Controlled Cars

Visual effects artist Freddie Wong created this video of remote controlled cars in a police chase, just like you’d see in an action movie! He worked in conjunction with Rob and Big and Criterion to promote the game Need for Speed: Most Wanted coming out on October 30th. The video is super adorbs — you know how I feel about small things! Plus car crashes! And explosions! Which is exaaaactly why I had my license revoked a few years back. I mean, you get in one tiny little accident and everyone gets so up in arms,  ya know? And by “one tiny little accident” I mean that I purposely crashed my car into a tanker truck carrying gasoline. It was all “BOOM!” and I was like “COOOOOOOL!”

Via: www.geekologie.com

INCREDIBLE right? Tell us about it! No really, in the comments....

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