Nintendo Promise Ring

Nintendo Promise Ring

This is the Intendo Ring, a promise ring with a mini NES controller. It’s designed by geek jeweler Paul Michael Bierker for an unnamed client. Intendo, as in, “I intendo to marry you, just not quite yet.” To be honest I didn’t know people did promise rings anymore. Then again, I’ve been out of the game for a long time. So long in fact, I’ve never actually been IN the game. I was always the last to get picked in gym class and that’s basically been a metaphor for my life! While everyone else is playing on the field, I’m off in the distance collecting caterpillars off trees and wondering if Sasquatch really does exist. I don’t know what that represents figuratively or otherwise, but it’s probably along the lines of forever weird, forever alone.

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Via: TrendHunter

Do people still do promise rings? Why not just get married? Go big or go home (alone)!

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