Node Electrical Outlet

Node Electrical Outlet

So between the computer, printer, scanner, rechargeable batteries, cell phone, second monitor and any other miscellaneous devices you have at your desk, those power strips are getting pretty cluttered… and then there’s the issue of large adapters that take up 2 plugs… Hopefully before you resort to plugging one powerstrip into another we’ll see something like the Node electrical outlet hit the states. This unique design is brand new from Japan and turns your wall socket into an innovative outlet that handles multiple 2-pronged plugs.

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  • Chrostine

    Where can I buy one’?
    & how do yu install em ‘ ?

  • J.T.

    The US electrical code would never allow it. First there is no ground (which also destroys its usefulness). Second, it is not a polarized outlet. You could do some damage plugging some things in backwards. There is a reason one prong is taller than the other.

  • chantel

    How the hell do you childproof that? And what about a ground?

  • llXll

    put it too high for a child to reach? no diff from any other plug socket kid safety wise really.

  • Sparky-Joe

    There really is no need for a ground. Look at most of the things that we plug in, no ground prong…

  • 2ndAmendment

    There is no such thing as childproof, however there is good parenting.

  • Mike

    A third ground rail could be added. But this thing is begging for an electrical overload. Make sure those breakers are working properly!

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