Become Any Character While You Chat with FaceRig

It’s not always cool when modern technology finally catches up to real life. Case in point: smart watches. Yeah they were cool when TV spies had them, but they’re kind of awkward in real life. Just use a phone like a normal person. But FaceRig is one of those instances where the real life tech is just as cool as the sci-fi concepts of the past. FaceRig lets you chat online as a 3D avatar that can mimic your facial expressions and mouth as you speak. Your character can be used on Skype, Twitch or any service that uses a webcam, or it can be used to make movies. Right now it’s still in development but the creators are raising money on Indiegogo to get it finished—and it’s only $5 to get the software.







Via: Red Ferret

Wouldn't you rather look like a cartoon red panda or demon online?
  • Ditto

    First post!

  • ryan

    I find myself looking at the cute girl more than the tech

  • MM8677

    go to hell

  • Fill

    It’s hardwired to our brains. :’) A cute girl smiling at us is awesome.

    Ignore that response for the demo. She’s made as unattractive as possible otherwise.

  • Cyrus

    fuck off I got work to do…

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