Underwear Shows Off Your Butt Cleave

Underwear Shows Off Your Butt Cleave

Here are some drawls that have a peep hole to show off your butt cleave! They’re sold over at Knickerocker the same Etsy shop who brought us those panties with animal ears. Someone’s got a thing for kooky unders! Not that I’m judging, because I’ve got my own weird ish to deal with: my boyf likes to wear lady clothes. One time I caught him trying on my shorty shorts. His booty was POPPIN’ in the best way possible. He was struttin’ that ass. No, I wasn’t mad, I was just jealous. My bum doesn’t look nearly as good in those shorts! But how can I be mad at a fine-ass ass such as? Still, I had to break up with the dude. I had my reasons. Mainly I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave!





Via: This Is Why I'm Broke

Would you wear these? Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.
  • Art and Design Blog

    If they really have to show butt crack, then why wearing underwear? :P

  • Stephanie

    Ever heard of a thong or a g-string?

  • gertrudegumdrop


  • Boat Juice

    No thanks, my butt already hangs out enough. -_-

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