Trapper Keeper Fashion: Lisa Frank Corset

Trapper Keeper Fashion: Lisa Frank Corset

It’s kinda difficult to pick the best/wackiest look of the Jeremy Scott fall 2012 runway show. I mean, I felt that way until I saw this corset decorated with Lisa Frank stickers. YES PLEASE. You know I’m not much of a fashion diva, but f***! If wearing Trapper Keepers for clothing is “in” then I don’t ever wanna be “out”. Somehow Jeremy tapped into the mind of every girl who lived through the 90s and said “I’mma make your dreams come true 20 years after the fact.” I’m just so excited about these clothes, I’m not even concerned with how weird that is! Who cares?! I want ten of everything! *looks at price tags* So… I might need to put some of this stuff on layaway.

Additional images via Voodoo Trend

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One thought on “Trapper Keeper Fashion: Lisa Frank Corset

  1. stef

    i’d love to know where do get those starry disco pants from. i would so get one!

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