Men's Cologne Comes In A Rock

Men's Cologne Comes In A Rock

Barb is fragrance for me bottled in a piece of rock. HARDCORE. It was designed by students at British Higher School of Arts and Design who say the stuff is aimed at BAMFs. I’m paraphrasing of course. But for the sake of quality reporting (LOLOL), per the creators themselves:

BARB is a fragrance for men whose spirit is eager to break through the concrete walls, whose boundaries are way beyond the whole world.

BARB is all about personality, savage power and courage.

BARB is about a man who resists the order, a man who owns the world. Everything belongs to him: oceans, mountains, woods. And no one can take it from him.

So, like I said: BAMFs. Plus dudes who like nature. After all, the tagline is Release Your Nature. I dunno what that means, but then again, I’m not the target audience for this stuff. Who do I look like, Ron Swanson? I’m a lady!







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Via: DesignTAXI

What's more hard core than cologne in a ROCK?
  • Tanuki Man

    Great for stoners.

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