JakPak All-in-One Jacket Sleeping Bag & Tent

JakPak All-in-One Jacket Sleeping Bag & Tent

Carrying a ton of gear can be quite cumbersome when camping, but JakPak lightens the load with this clever all-in-one. JakPak is a waterproof jacket, tent and sleeping bag that keeps you warm, dry and sheltered in a pinch. We would have expected such a versatile jacket to look bulky and strange when you’re wearing it, but as you can see it seems pretty normal when you’re not using it as shelter.


Via: www.likecool.com

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  • http://www.jakpak.com Michelle Poole

    on sale until 12/31 for $199.99
    the link up above doesn’t work, you can find us at http://www.jakpak.com

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