Face-Kinis Are All The Rage In China

Face-Kinis Are All The Rage In China

It’s primo beach season over in China and Face-kinis (a swimsuit for your face) are the new hot beach accessory. Hottest beach accessory since the sun, in fact! Jk jk, the sun is face meltingly hot and face-kinis are meant to PROTECT from sun’s harmful rays. Hey, I am alllllll for sun protection, which is exactly why I stay indoors with the windows boarded up to maintain my skin’s translucency. Still, these face-kinis are a little terrifying. I mean, how can you tell if a person is just an innocent beach goer or actually trying to rob the damn Tiki bar?!

Via: www.npr.org

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  • Ken

    Many in China and other East Asia countries are now quite obsessed with looking white.
    Demand for skin whitening products and surgical procedures that produce more ‘Aryan’ features has been increasing dramatically.
    South Korea has gone insane with the stuff. Not only are they trying to look more ‘Aryan’ but they’ll even make fun of other South Koreans who have darker skin and more narrow eyes (sometimes half-jokingly, sometime completely serious).

  • Lily

    Ugh, that’s horrifying. They look like mutated super villains or bondage gimps XD

  • Lixian

    I don’t think they want to look white. Fair skin has always been an obsession, not looking Caucasian.

  • BTY

    It is not for protection from UV rays, its because they don’t want to darken their skin with the sun. Racism there is as much of a problem as in Europe and the United States. Not to mention how unsafe it is to swim with that covering your face.

  • Joe Perry

    well that sucks…that is a big turn off, i always go and try to see boobs and shit…with the cartel of canel blunt and shit…but yeah…thats nice

  • M S

    Lixian – explain the nose unflatteners and the like then. This is not the classic fair skin obsession. Been there lately?

  • Kimee

    The people seem to have harlequinns its a very severe illness where the sufferer produces too much skin cells and they have to rub themselves raw to avoid infection – u can tell from the shape of the mouth and the nose

  • balbalba

    Looking white has nothing to do with looking westerner, although the double-eyelid crap does. Pearly white fatty skin (not pink or flabby caucasian skin) with slim eyes has always been the ideal beauty since ancient times. The high nose/colored hair/eyes is a new thing. Since most East Asians that first met European Caucasian or non-EAs thought they were horribly mutated monsters from historical records.

  • Leah

    Two pictures does not a ‘rage’ make. Especially since one of the people look like they are in both pictures.

  • A Chinese Girl

    No one should just them as weird just because they wear like that. No one should judge China as a bizarre country (especially for you, Americans) due to these photos.
    Besides, I don’t think westerners are more normal no matter in what aspects.

  • Clopski

    asians why didnt u make the eye holes smaller? you manufactured them for normal eye size. when no one besides an asian would ever wear one.

  • Rambouillet

    What stylish, wholesome (and natural!) people, the Chinese. They have wonderful clean skies, speak in soft tones, and show great care for animals. They aren’t shallow and tacky at all….

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