DO WANT: R2D2 Helmet

DO WANT: R2D2 Helmet

Ah, man! Have you seen this Burton R2D2 Snowboarding Helmet?! I don’t snow board or anything, but I do have an agreement (court-ordered) with my mom that I always have to wear a helmet. Not that there’s anything wrong with me. Nooo. It’s just, ya know, better to be safe than sorry. And by “sorry” I mean, “have my skull cracked in half, in a coma for 6 months because I play in traffic.” Plus, you know how I feel about Star Wars! When I’m rocking this helmet, I will be like “Beep boop — I am the droid you’re looking for.” I’m hoping it’ll help me make friends.



INCREDIBLE right? Tell us about it! No really, in the comments....

3 thoughts on “DO WANT: R2D2 Helmet

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  2. Gopher

    lol the writer is funny xD I’d read his/her stuff if there’s more . [ I think that's a he .. Star Wars tipped me off ]

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