Adventure Time Footie Pajamas For Adults!

Adventure Time Footie Pajamas For Adults!

ThinkGeek brings us these Adventure Time Footie Pajamas. They’re for grown ups. You know, the type of grown ups who wear footie pajamas themed after a cartoon. No judgey, just keepin’ it all kinds of real. There are two PJs to choose from, Jake and Finn. Oh what, no Lumpy Space Princess? RUDE. Hey, I can totally understand why they’d want to leave out The Ice King, because, c’mon — footie pajamas are supposed to make you snuggly and toasty. NOT icy. Woops, there I go again, keepin’ it really-real! Sometimes I just can’t help myself. Other times I just do it to be a total @$$hole.

INCREDIBLE right? Tell us about it! No really, in the comments....

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