WHY?!: Vagina Toaster

WHY?!: Vagina Toaster

This is the Vagina Toaster by Burnt Impressions. It doesn’t toast your lady parts, it toasts an image of a coochie onto your toast. Two completely different products. One doesn’t exist (and shouldn’t), another that does exist (but shouldn’t). The Vagina Toaster sells for just $45 and comes in five different color options: blue, green, powder, red, and yellow. That’s cool. If there’s a person on the market for a toaster that toasts the shape of a vagina onto bread, I imagine they’re gonna want options. Gonna want options, gonna need therapy.




Via: The Worst Things For Sale

Would you eat vagina toast? What about a penis croissant?

12 thoughts on “WHY?!: Vagina Toaster

  1. Kristen Jones

    If your vajayjay looks like that, you may want to see a professional about it… -_-

  2. Tarnished

    Pst…biology lesson;

    Vagina = internal.
    Vulva = external.

    Not that it exactly looks anatomically correct.

  3. Ron Noname

    If her vagina is crusty, she’s too damn old or been going commando in winter. lol

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