Too Cute: A Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

Too Cute: A Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

This is a $25 Hedgehog Toothpick Holder. It’s cute. In fact, it’s almost TOO CUTE. Definitely a thing that I don’t really need, but I most definitely need, and will buy. Is anyone really ever on the market for a new toothpick holder? No. But after seeing this, aren’t you starting to feel like maybe your current toothpick holder isn’t up to snuff? It’s just not cute enough, right? I feel the same way about mine! Which is exactly why I forcefully threw it against the wall, shattering it into a million tiny pieces. Annnnd now there are toothpicks everywhere. My mom’s gonna be soooo pissed!

Kipik Toothpick Holder



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