Take A Seat Anywhere With The Pocket Chair

Take A Seat Anywhere With The Pocket Chair

Being the last one to show up at a party can be a real pain. No, I’m not talking about the glares you’ll get from your friends as you stroll through the door two hours later than they were expecting you to, I’m talking about finding a place to sit. Once the party is in full swing, all the good seating will almost certainly be taken, forcing you to stand. To avoid this fate, pick up the Pocket Chair. This chair folds down small enough to fit in your pocket so you’ll never be without a place to sit again.


Via: craziestgadgets.com

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  • Kara

    LIES! unless you have HUGE pockets.. this thing is handy, i keep it in my car.. but it only fits in my large purse and is a bit on the heavy side

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