For Everyone Who Poops: Toilet Yoga

For Everyone Who Poops: Toilet Yoga

Like all classy ladies, I don’t do #2. OK, fine, I do. A lot, actually, if we’re being honest. As you know, what goes in must come out and the truth is I eat a lot. But pleeeaaaase don’t tell any of the mens, I already have a hard enough time getting a dude and it usually involves heavy drinking and trickery. Thank goodness for Toilet Yoga, a book that demonstrates poses and maneuvers to help when you have troubles getting doo-doo out. There are multiple skill levels ranging from 1 Bowl and going all the way up to 5 Bowls. FIVE BOWLS? What the hell do you eat to achieve FIVE BOWLS of poop?! Frankly, I’m impressed. Plus, a little jealous.

INCREDIBLE right? Tell us about it! No really, in the comments....
  • StormyWolfwood

    I’ve been doing this since as long as I can remember and I am 25. I never did it because anyone said I should. I just did it because it felt right. I always wondered if what I was calling toilet yogu exsisted and well come to find out.. It does! Lol. Glad there are others out there who yoga on the pot! #StormyWolfwood

  • middle eye

    I thought I had an original idea today :-( Crap!

  • Metalhaid

    Hahahahahahaha!! :-)

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