Big Lebowski Rug

Big Lebowski Rug

Etsy shop OldTymeNotions is selling this Big Lebowski Rug. It features the beautious visage of The Dude. Now you’re probably expecting me to make some kind of reference to this rug tying the room together, but I’m not gonna do it. You can’t make me! What you can do is fork over the $800 it’s gonna cost for me to buy this thing. C’mon I need it! This rug’s really gonna tie the room togeth– uh, it’s gonna look really nice in my living room.




Via: The Awesomer

Have you ever seen anything so perfect?
  • Alan_poon

    Am I wrong?

  • dude

    you’re not wrong….you’re just an asshole.

  • The Dude

    You’re not wrong. You’re just a…..

  • Eddy

    Just don’t pee on it!

  • maude

    Did the carpet pissers make this?

  • Theodore Trout

    As long as you’re housebroken.

  • Dude

    $800 dollars!!!!! Thats like over a thousand rounds of bowling. Ahh f*ck it dude, I’ll pee on my own rug thanks…… Shut Up Donnie….. mind if I do a J…….

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