Santa Claus Meatloaf

Santa Claus Meatloaf

Chef Charles Phoenix made this Santa meatloaf. Not to be confused with Santa Meat Loaf, which is something entirely different. And I imagine not as delicious. Nothing a little ketchup can’t fix up though, right, big guy? Haha, jk, I am not gonna eat you. You’re an icon! A legend! And remember in Fight Club when you had those big man tits? I was not emotionally mature enough to handle that. I apologize. But back to the subject at hand: Santa meatloaf. As tasty as I’m sure it is, I’m pretty sure this is the kinda behavior that lands you directly on Santa’s Naughty List. Either that or this is the kinda behavior that lands you directly on the Nice List. Who knows, that guy’s tough to read. Tough to read and he’s always flip flopping. Ugh, just make up your mind, old man! Oh, uh, okay — naughty list it is. And that’s your final decision? Damn.



Photos via Charles’ Facebook

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Via: Blazenfluff

Would you eat Santa meatloaf? What about Santa Meat Loaf?

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