Ramen Chicken Nuggets: College & Childhood Foods Combined

Ramen Chicken Nuggets: College & Childhood Foods Combined

Your favorite childhood food and the only thing you could afford to eat in college came together to make Ramen Chicken Nuggets. Feeling nostalgic? You can make your own using the recipe by Oh, Bite It! Or go to Micky D’s and buy some nuggets, drive em home where you boil up some ramen, toss those suckers in there and voila! Not even remotely the same thing, but I dunno, sounds pretty tasty if you ask me. If you didn’t ask me, well, I don’t blame you. Just kind of running my mouth over here! I mean fingers. I’m running my fingers.

Check it out

Via: Thrillist

How many could you put down? I'd say at least 8!

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