Mmm Carnivorous: World's Meatiest Sub

Mmm Carnivorous: World's Meatiest Sub

This is the World’s Meatiest Sandwich carefully crafted by Chef Tristan Welch. The gargantuan sub measures 15 inches high, 24 inches wide, and weighs in at over 28 fatty fat fat pounds. It contains 41 different kinds of meat including shit-tons of ham, salami, turkey, sausages, chorizo, and bacon. Duuuh, it’s got bacon! It doesn’t matter how big this thing is — if it didn’t have bacon, it wouldn’t be newsworthy. They say the whole sha-bang would take 10 hours to eat, but I’m not really sure whose calculations they’re going off of. What I am sure about is, I know someone who’d be willing to take on the challenge. *slapping belly* Me, I’m talking about me!

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