For Cheesy Friends: Pizza BFF Necklaces

For Cheesy Friends: Pizza BFF Necklaces

I’ve never seen anything so perfect in my life. This is the Pizza Necklace which can be combined with up to 9 slices to create the ultimate BFF necklace. That way you and 8 of your closest friends — wait, who the hell has that many best friends?! Doesn’t seem like a very exclusive title if there are EIGHT of them. But this is totally convenient for me, because pizza IS my best friend! And I’ve been looking for a way to express my undying love and affection for my little chee chee nom nom BFF. I mean, besides devouring every last bite and licking the box clean of any cheese droppings. I love you, Pizza. MWAH!



INCREDIBLE right? Tell us about it! No really, in the comments....

9 thoughts on “For Cheesy Friends: Pizza BFF Necklaces

  1. Raquel

    I actually have 8 best friends our whole group is like one big family I’m buying this for everyone for Christmas!

  2. Anna

    I love this necklace! Mine friends and I really want to buy it. I can’t find it anywhere to buy it though. If anyone knows where I can buy it please let me know

  3. Doodle. Randomly

    WHERE DO YOU GET THIS ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I NEED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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