A Banana Opener For The Laziest SOBs In The World

A Banana Opener For The Laziest SOBs In The World

Up until right now, I thought owning a toothpaste squeezer was the laziest thing ever. Not true anymore, because I just read about this banana opener. Yeah, I know you’re thinking, you mean the human hand? Apparently the creator of the banana (don’t get me started) didn’t make it easy enough for some folks. The Banana Peeler has a cute monkey design and a sweet little name to cover up the fact that it’s ridiculous. I am not going to entertain the fact that it claims to help remove the stringy bits and spoon away those unappetizing brown spots…I’m angry!


Via: www.badderhomesandgardens.com

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  • banana joe

    how to open a banana.
    pinch the bottom… it will break.. peel.
    way easier than pulling the top over..

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