Uhhh, Dinosaur Erotica?

Uhhh, Dinosaur Erotica?

Author Christie Sims describes herself as “a plain old, everyday Midwestern girl that lives a normal life.” She just so happens to be a dino-perv! NBD, guys. Christie’s got a long line of e-books written about hot sexy ladies banging dinos. She’s got great hits like T-Rex Troubles, Running From The Raptor, Taken At The Dinosaur Museum, and more! So many more. So many more, in fact, that it’s beginning to be a bit disturbing. Then again, the lady can’t help it she’s got a fetish. You know what they say! Some people have fetishes and other people are just happy to get laid. They say that right? If they didn’t, they should have!








Via: Jezebel

What do you think about dino smut? Cool? Not Cool? Or you'd just rather not talk about it?

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