Star Wars Invades Thomas Kinkade Paintings

Star Wars Invades Thomas Kinkade Paintings

Thomas Kinkade, he’s kinda like the Jar Jar Binks of the art world—everyone knows him, no one likes him, but for some reason there’s still a bunch of merchandise. Artist Jeff Bennett decided to make Kinkade’s pretty, yet excruciatingly dull paintings a lot more interesting by adding stuff from Star Wars in a series he calls “Wars on Kinkade.” Now the paintings feature more than serene little cottages tucked away in the woods with no apparent light source or focal point—they’ve got At-Ats and Stormtroopers and other cool Star Wars stuff! Check out the whole series on Bennett’s Deviant Art page.





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Yousa thinkin these paintings is better dis way?
  • Jewlord

    WAAAAAY better this way

  • Jim Craig

    Ms. Cahill, Tiggeh McCloud wrote, “I can assure you I’m smarter than you.” Scroll up. You can read it for yourself.

    That may be one of the most arrogant and pretentious things I’ve ever read. I called this person (no gender given so no gender assumed) on it. My counterargument is that I have a degree in physics so I have to have at least some measurable modicum of smarts. If Tiggeh can show me some demonstrable reason I should think that he/she is smarter, I’ll concede the point.

    It’s not a matter of winning anything. But if you’re going to have a well reasoned argument, that wasn’t the way to do it.

    If someone can demonstrate to me that Thomas Kinkade was anything other than a hack as an artist, I’ll retract anything I wrote on the subject. Maybe he was an incredibly nice guy. Maybe he helped old ladies by carrying their groceries. I’m not questioning him as a human being. I’m making a critique of his paintings. Frankly, I think they’re horrendous, schmaltzy nonsense with syrupy, greeting card sentimentality but no hit of real emotion.

    He may have sold millions of dollars worth of paintings in his lifetime and they may continue to sell. That doesn’t make them good. Do they evoke any kind of emotional response? Do they show growth as an artist? Is there some new technique or style? Are they any better than the stuff you see on saw blades at the Payette County Fair or at the huge living room painting sale down at the Marriott?

    Popularity isn’t the measure of the quality of anything produced. Remember that beneath the golden arches, it reads “Billions Sold.” That doesn’t make the Big Mac gourmet food.

  • Jim Craig

    Someone actually compared Kinkade to Titian, Van Gogh, Munch and Warhol?


  • Michael Whiteshoes

    These are great. Kinkade is the Ed Hardy of the art world. Yes I went to art school. Will gladly take out my brain and weigh it on a scale against yours and/or armwrestle you for your girlfriend or a bottle of rye whiskey.

  • Mark M

    Kinkade is like the McDonalds of art. He found a product that could sell on a mass scale, but also attracted mass criticism. Personally I like both products – McDonalds offers an enjoyable cheap treat that I enjoy now and again, and Kinkade’s paintings, although I wouldn’t have one on my wall, do have a strange ambient quality to them that makes a part of my brain go gooey. Funnily enough, I have one as my desktop picture just now.

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