I'm Confused: A Literal Hair Brush

I'm Confused: A Literal Hair Brush

This is actually a real thing — a hairbrush with 8 inches of hair already attached to it. I’m… just gonna file this one under ‘WTF Products’ and try to forget about it ASAP. Why would a hairbrush need to come with hair already attached? Because there’s a pretty easy DIY trick I know that gets hair in a hairbrush. And it’s free! It’s called “Brush Your Hair With A Hairbrush.” Trust me, it works every time. I used a hairbrush once (and only once) and half my mane ended up in the bristles. I claim it’s because I got weak follicles, but you and I both know it’s because even my own hairs don’t want to be anywhere near me. And I don’t blame em :/


Via: www.thefashionpolice.net

INCREDIBLE right? Tell us about it! No really, in the comments....

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