Doublefaced: A Bizarre Photoseries

Doublefaced: A Bizarre Photoseries

Doublefaced is a photoseries by artist Sebastian Bieniek. Its portraits feature a lady with multiple faces painted on her face. As you can see, it’s pretty damn kooky. And not just kooky like my Aunt Sally who drives the 3 hours to Thanksgiving dinner and THEN realizes she left the green bean casserole at home. Unforgivable actions aside, Doublefaced is truly incredible. It’s like eye candy if candy tasted like WTF and Someone hold me, I’m scared. Yeah, just like that.







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Via: This Is Colossal

Is your mind blown? Or is it still safe lodged in your noggin? Ooh -- OR DID YOU NEVER HAVE ONE TO BEGIN WITH?
  • Liza Videla

    ay que nervios!!

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